Vono SPINEPRO 1200 PLUS Mattress (11.5 inch), Pocketed Intalok Spring


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Super Single
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EXCLUSIVE AND TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED SPRING SYSTEM - Vono SpinePro 1200 features Intalok Springing System which is developed with British technology for perfect support and comfort. It is continuous and interlocked, made of high-tensile steel wire of strength up to 250,000 pounds per square inch, reinforced by stabilizers at the edges, to provide edge back support and sleeping comfort. Intalok Springing System has at least two times spring count for two times back support.

SILVERGUARD™ TREATED ANTI-STATIC FABRIC FOR MATTRESS HYGIENE - as we sleep, we also sweat and SilverGuard treated fabric can diminish 99% of the bacteria within 24 hours as proven by SGS Lab Test. SilverGuard does not harm the skin flora and the fabric is free from bacterial up to 40°C. Anti-Static Fabric helps to discharge body static to provide a restful deep sleep.

ULTRA LUMBAR SUPPORT - SpinePro Mattress has an Ultra Lumbar Support with an extra 3.5mm steel wireframe to provide ultra-support for your back.

NON FLIP MATTRESS - Vono SpinePro 1200 is a Non-Flip Mattress which is easy to maintain and often comes with topping.

SPRING COUNTS - The Spring Count for Single is 600, 700 for Super Single, 1000 for Queen and 1200 for King.

DIFFERENCE FROM SPINEPRO 800 - SpinePro 800 has 800 Intalok springs for its largest mattress size whereas SpinePro 1200 has 1,200 pocketed Intalok springs for the same mattress size. This makes the SP1200 firmer than SP800 which is of medium firmness.

FREE PILLOW - We give 2 x Large Vono Pillow for Queen & King and 1 x Small Vono Pillow for Single & Super Single.

FIRMNESS AND THICKNESS - Firmness is 8/10 Firm & Thickness is 11.5 inches or approximately 30 centimeters.

SIZE AVAILABILITY - The Vono SpinePro 1200 mattress is available in, Mattress King / Tilam King Size, King Size Mattress, Mattress Queen / Tilam Queen, Queen Size Mattress, Super Single Mattress / Tilam Super Single, Super Single Size Mattress, Single Mattress / Tilam Single, Single Size Mattress.

WARRANTY - We offer 15 Years Warranty on Vono Mattresses.
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