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Pocket Spring Collection

OFFSPRING for Soft Luxury Comfort.

OFFDAY for Firm Resilient Comfort.

10 Years Guaranteed.


Dual Feel Collection

DOUBLEBASE for Dual Feel Sturdy Comfort.

DOUBLETREE for Dual Feel Natural Comfort.

10 Years Guaranteed.


Solid Foam Collection

ZEN for Lightweight, Durable & Foldable.

ZEN PLUS for Lightweight, Durable & Portable.

10 Years Guaranteed.



KITA offers a range of high-quality mattresses that combine comfort with solid support. We believe that what goes inside a mattress matters just as much as its appearance, and we invite you to discover the KITA difference. Follow your dreams and experience the ultimate in comfort and support with KITA mattresses at KITA Sleep Studio.

What buyers are saying about us
1,000+ Happy Customers

Karthik Rames

I sleep better thanks to Kit. And I cannot thank him enough. His knowledge is deep and he is very honest about pros and cons (not trying to sell the most ex).
Get your next mattress or pillow here. The price is reasonable too.

Lee Kai Hung

Sleep is vital and we spend 1/3 of our life sleeping. A good mattress is important and Kit knows it. Kit will patiently explain the science behind the mattresses to make sure you pick the one that is most suitable for you. You can rely on Kit. Highly recommended !!

Mohd Sharizal

Very worth the value and the item itself very thick & comfortable. Received a call a day before delivery, and another during the delivery day to make sure we're at home. Customer service provided by the seller team is very professional & efficient. Highly recommended!

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