Fibrelux IMPERIAL REVIVE LITE Mattress, Acti-Bon Rubberised Coconut Fibre

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THE BEST NATURAL SLEEP – we use a range of healthy and non-toxic materials. Completely metal-free, formaldehyde-free and EMF-free.

100% ORGANIC - The Revive Lite mattress includes 100% natural rubber and coconut fibre, which provide the comfort and support that you need for good night sleep.

DUAL COMFORT - The unparalleled advantage of Revive Lite is the two level of elasticity it offers (Dual Comfort), one in each side. It perfectly matches with any personal sleep preference, enabling you to choose between an elastic or firmer surface.

ACTI–BON TECHNOLOGY – It absorbs harmful substances, produces negative ions which help in enhancing immunity, active body cells, purify the blood system and regulate the nervous system.

NANOBIONIC TECHNOLOGY - a high-tech textile that transforms body heat into Far Infrared Rays and reflects them back to the body. These Far Infrared Rays help improve your blood circulation, boost immune system & metabolism, reduce body's free radicals (positive ion), relieve muscle aches, relieve fatigue & stress and improve quality of sleep.

ADAPTIVE Dynamic Cooling – a Swiss Technology by HeiQ that responds dynamically to temperature changes. Adaptive mattresses keep you comfortably cool and dry and improve the quality of sleep.

KEY FEATURES - Firmness: Elastic Firm. Thickness: 27 cm or 11 inches.

WARRANTY PERIOD - 12 years warranty.

SIZE AVAILABILITY - The Fibrelux IMPERIAL REVIVE LITE Mattress is available in King Mattress/Mattress King/Tilam King, Queen Mattress/Mattress Queen/Tilam Queen, Super Single Mattress/Mattress Super Single/Tilam Super Single, Single Mattress/Mattress Single/Tilam Single.
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