Fibrelux IMPERIAL CROWN Mattress, Rubberised Coconut Fibre + Natural Latex


Size: Single

Super Single
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Suitable for all body types and completely metal free. 

The unparalleled advantage of Imperial Crown are the two level of elasticity if offers. The top features 2" 100% natural latex and Resilient Fibre. The bottom features Hybrid Fibre. It perfectly matches with any personal sleep preference, enabling you to choose between an elastic or firmer surface.

Combining Nanobionic mattress cover, this firm mattress features emits for infrared rays to improve your blood circulation, boost immune system & metabolism, reduce body's free radicals (positive ion), relieve muscle aches, relieve fatigue & stress and improve quality of sleep.

The mattress cover is also treated with Adaptive that provides dynamic cooling for a better sleep.

12 years warranty.
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Single, Super Single, Queen, King