Unveiling KITA Solid Foam: The Secret to a Firm, Lightweight, and Safe Mattress

Are you tired of heavy mattresses that sag and are loaded with harmful chemicals? Look no further! At KITA, we are constantly striving to develop innovative materials for our mattresses. Our latest breakthrough is KITA Solid Foam - our special mattress material that is changing the way mattresses are made.

What is KITA Solid Foam?

KITA Solid Foam is a unique blend of 20% Lightweight Aggregate and 80% High Density Polyurethane Foam. This special composition allows us to create mattresses that are both firm and lightweight, contrary to the conventional belief that firmness must come with heaviness.

Firmness Without the Weight

Traditionally, firm mattresses have been heavy. However, KITA Solid Foam defies this notion. Our innovative material is firm but surprisingly lightweight, making it a comfortable and convenient choice for anyone who wants a firm mattress without the extra weight. A single 5-inch size weighs only 7kg!

Durability that Lasts

We believe in the durability of our products. To prove that, we had our KITA Solid Foam mattress undergo a rigorous durability test by TÜV Rheinland LGA, a leading performance testing institution. The mattress was subjected to a 150kg force and stroked 60,000 times - equivalent to 10 years of daily 8-hour usage. The result? Our mattress reduced in height by only 0.16 inch, showcasing its outstanding durability.

Safety First

We care about your health, which is why we've taken steps to ensure that KITA Solid Foam is free from harmful chemicals. Our mattress is certified by SGS, a trusted inspection and testing company, for zero emissions of harmful chemicals like benzene, toluene, xylene, and others. It is also free from formaldehyde, which is known to be harmful to human health.

Our Special Recipe

We take pride in our commitment to creating mattresses that are not only comfortable and durable, but also safe for your health and the environment. KITA Solid Foam is our special recipe for crafting mattresses that are LIGHT, FIRM, and DURABLE. With its combination of lightweight aggregate and high-density polyurethane foam, it provides a supportive yet comfortable sleeping surface that will help you wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated every day. 

We are excited to share this innovative material with you and hope that it will enhance your sleep experience like never before. Say goodbye to heavy, sagging mattresses loaded with harmful chemicals, and experience the KITA Solid Foam difference today at KITA Sleep Studio.

Thank you for choosing our brand and trusting us to provide you with high-quality sleep solutions. We look forward to continuing to innovate and improve our products to better serve your needs.