Personalised Sleep Solutions: How A True Story Inspired a New Approach to Mattress Shopping

Hi, I'm Sleep Kit, the founder of KITA. When I started my business, I thought I was simply selling mattresses based on brand, price, and specs. However, my perspective changed when I received a call from a couple with a unique request for a custom mattress for their boat. This encounter with Sanne and Rik, a couple from the Netherlands who had been sailing around the world, opened my eyes to the power of personalized sleep solutions. Their story inspired me to rebrand my business and focus on providing a personalized and private experience for customers to find their perfect sleep solution. In this blog post, I will share their story and how it influenced my approach to helping people sleep better.

The Unexpected Business with Sanne and Rik

It was October 31, 2022, when I received a call from Sanne, a Caucasian lady, asking if we could customize a mattress for their boat. Our shop in JB was near Puteri Harbour, a place where wealthy yacht owners parked their boats, so I saw this as a BIG business opportunity. I invited Sanne and Rik to our shop to discuss further, even though I had never sold or built a mattress for a boat before. When they arrived with their current mattress, I noticed that not only the mattress was sagging badly, it was an odd shape, not our standard rectangle shape. Sanne and Rik had been traveling around the world since 2017 with their boat called Sailing Incentive, crossing the Pacific Ocean for more than 3 months in isolation mode. Sanne explained that Rik had been suffering backache from bad sleep for more than a year due to the sagging mattress. They also mentioned that they couldn't stay too long as they had to travel to Malacca in 3 days, and they were on a tight budget.

The Right Solution

Instead of selling them a new mattress, I offered them a solution - placing a 2-inch thick latex topper on top of their current mattress for better support and extra comfort. However, I couldn't provide the service to cut the latex topper as I was not skilled in DIY. Rik said he could handle it himself. We delivered the topper to the marina, and Rik cut the latex topper with a bread knife to fit the mattress. The next day, Sanne and Rik told me that they had the best sleep and couldn't remember the last time they slept soundly.

The A-HA Moment

This experience made me realize that I was not just in the business of selling mattresses, but I was providing a solution for people to sleep better. For Sanne and Rik, all they needed was a good support material for their backs during long hours of sailing, and latex was a perfect fit as it is highly resilient, doesn't sag over time, and is washable.

This encounter with Sanne and Rik inspired me to see my business in a new light. It made me realize that life is not just about chasing materialistic things, but also about creating value for others who need help. It was one of the best moments in my life, and it had a profound impact on me and my family. I decided to rebrand my business to KITA Sleep Studio, with a focus on providing personalized and private experiences for customers to find their perfect sleep solution.

At KITA, we understand that everyone has different needs and preferences when it comes to mattresses, and we strive to provide personalized guidance and education throughout the mattress selection process. At KITA Sleep Studio, our customers can try out different types of mattresses and pillows, and we provide expert advice on the benefits of proper spinal alignment and the different materials used in mattresses. We are committed to helping our customers achieve a good night's sleep, and we believe that it is essential for their overall health and well-being.

I am grateful for the opportunity to have met Sanne and Rik and to have been able to provide them with a solution to their sleep issues. Their feedback and satisfaction with the custom latex topper on their boat's mattress reinforced my belief in the value of personalized sleep solutions. I wish Sanne and Rik a safe journey back to their country and hope to meet them again in the future!