Don't Be Fooled by Mattress Warranty: Why GUARANTEE is What You Really Need

You've probably come across a lot of bed brands bragging about their 15 to 25 years of warranty. It sounds great, but it's actually not that useful.

A warranty is a promise from the company that if anything goes wrong with your bed within their stated timeframe, they'll fix it for a fee (NOT FREE!). In other words, the cost of repair or replacement will be at your own expense! 

GUARANTEE are different. If you have an issue with your mattress under guarantee, you don't have to worry about any additional costs; the company will take care of it all for free!

When looking at different mattress brands and their warranties, make sure to check whether they offer Under Warranty or Guaranteed policies. If they offer Guaranteed policies, then you will be covered for any repairs or replacements under the terms of their policy free of charge.

Better still, KITA mattresses come with 10 YEARS GUARANTEE. This means that if your mattress sags more than 1 inch for non-spring mattresses or 1.5 inches for spring mattresses, we will provide a 1-to-1 EXCHANGE at absolutely NO COST (No MATERIAL, TRANSPORTATION, or REPAIR CHARGES whatsoever). So NO DOWNTIME for a good ten years.

Immerse yourself in the exceptional comfort of the KITA Mattress at KITA Sleep Studio, backed by a 10-year guarantee. Visit us and discover the perfect sleep solution today!